Adjustable power supply 600W 230V/5-15V 0-40A


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Adjustable power supply 600W 230V/5-15V 0-40A
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  • Model: FO-FS-PS600ADJE

The PS600 Adjustable is a regulated 5~15V power supply with current limiting from 0~40A. With an LCD readout showing the voltage and current being supplied, this unit is ideal for high power chargers like the Emperor O-FS-L702BP . Features • Input Voltage: 220~240V AC • Output Voltage: 5~15V DC Regulated • Current Rating: 0~40 Amps • Output Connections: 4mm Banana Sockets / Clamps O-FS-PS600ADJ Spec DC 5~15V DC 600W Max Current - Adjustable Input AC 220~240V AC Display - Backlit LCD
Masatova 857/3, Prague 4
Czech Republic

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