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  • Model: J-JBP

The JETIBOX profi is a mobile wireless device, offering maximum comfort to the user while viewing, processing, and storing telemetric data. An integral part of the JETIBOX profi is the system JETI DUPLEX 2.4GHz that can be alternatively operated in one of the two offered wireless modes.

Using the Transmitter Module mode, the JETIBOX profi can be operated with the transmitter as a direct replacement of the exchangeable transmitter module.

Using the Monitor mode, the JETIBOX profi processes telemetric data, which are delivered between transmitter and receiver of the JETI DUPLEX system. The telemetric data received from the model can be displayed on the monitor and simultaneously stored in the internal memory for later analysis.

-Two wireless modes
-Digital data transfer in the 2,4GHz (100mW) band
-Integrated antenna
-Compatible with Duplex and Duplex EX systems
-Internal memory 2GB
-Storing of telemetry in internal memory
-Detailed analysis of telemetric data
-Graphical telemetry presentation in form of graphs and bargraphs
-Graphical LCD-display 128x64 with background lighting
-Audible loudspeaker for acoustic signals
-Earphone output
-Replay of own sounds
-Storing of JETIBOX profi set-ups in user profiles
-Connection possibility to a PC via USB
-Telemetry processing on PC with the aid of the FlightMonitor program
-Firmware upgrade support by the user
-Low current consumption in stand-by mode
-BMS (Battery Management System)
-Charging via USB
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Czech Republic

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