ZOOM H4nSP - handy recorder


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ZOOM H4nSP - handy recorder
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  • Model: HN152489


The H4n is a hand-held recorder aimed at music, live performance and conference applications. Four recording modes are offered - Stereo, for general purpose recording using built-in microphones or external inputs; 'Stamina', for extended battery life; four-channel, for simultaneous recording of two stereo signals from built-in microphones and external inputs and 'MTR' (multi-track), which enables simultaneous two-track recording and four-track playback.

Recordings are made to SD or SDHC cards as either linear PCM WAV files at up to 24-bit, 96kHz or in MP3 format to maximise recording times. If no SD card is inserted, one audio file of up to one minute at 96 kbps MP3 can be recorded using the built-in memory. The maximum file size of any one recording is limited to 2GB. The H4n does not have any internal memory. When a suitable memory card is inserted, the maximum file size of any one recording is limited to 2GB.

An external microphone can be connected and 'plug-in' power is provided via a 3.5mm, 3-pole, stereo jack socket. A second 3.5mm 3-pole socket provides line/headphone out. A pair of combination, XLR / 6.35mm, 3-pole jack inputs are provided for external microphones or high impedance output sources. Switchable 24V and 48V phantom power is available. The integrated speaker can be used to check recordings and preview playback. A USB2.0 (Mini-B type) socket is provided for transfer of audio files to PC or Mac. Once connected, the user can choose to use the H4n as an SD card reader for file transfer or USB microphone for direct recording or live podcasting.

The built-in mixer can be used to adjust level and panning of individual tracks and to mix down. Selection of the desired mode is via jog dial. Except for 'Stamina' mode, which is indicated within the display screen, the current mode is identified by mode indicator LEDs. When booting up for the first time, the default mode is Stereo. The H4n will subsequently power up in the same mode in which it was last used. A 1.9 inch, back-lit LCD shows status, recording format, battery condition, track information and aids menu navigation. The chassis is rubberised for durability and provides shock resistance from handling noise. A pair of condenser microphones are arranged in a variable X/Y configuration; it is possible to rotate the microphones from 90 degrees (standard X/Y) to 120 degree (wide-angle).

Two AA alkaline batteries give up to 6 hours of continuous operation. Stamina mode limits recording/playback to WAV 16-bit/44.1kHz and MP3 format but extends battery life to approximately 11 hours. The H4n can operate on USB bus power when operated as a USB audio interface. An AC adapter may also be used.

Compatible media types: SD or SDHC card, 16MB to 32GB.
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